Winter tea with fresh raspberries, rosemary and red pepper.


Winter tea with fresh raspberries, rosemary and red pepper.

This tea is one of the few reasons which make these gloomy, cold and unpleasant wintery evenings a little bit nicer. Tastes amazing, warmes you up like a big hug from the inside.

I'm not going o give you strict directions. Use your favourite black tea (I used Cejlon tea) and make it delicious just for you 🙂

  • black tea
  • fresh raspberries
  • fresh rosemary
  • black pepper
  • honey
  • water
  1. Use a flameproof teapot. Make your favourite black tea.

    Put the teapot on a low heat. Place 2 rosemary twigs inside the teapot and heat for a while until tea is strong enough and rosemary release its aroma.

    Put a few raspberries and a few red peppercorns on a bottom of your glass. Mash them into puree.

    Pour your hot tea over the mashed berries and place 1 rosemary twig in each glass.

    Add some whole raspberries and whole red peppercorns as a decoration and extra flavouring.

    Add some honey, accordingly to your taste and liking.

    Drink hot.


Recipe Notes

If you like it more spicy you can replace the red pepper with cayenne pepper. Make sure not to add it too much though, because it will dominate the rosemary and raspberries flavours.


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